No Ordinary Dance by Acoustic

You should see the way the sun folds into the darkness
When it thinks no one is watching
Unmasking brilliantly and giving in to full moon rising
In it’s closing hour
Much like the way your gentle thunder succumbs
To my beckoning
Just before the tide rushes to shore

I watched it unveil to a distant calling
Renouncing its claim to the openness
And thought of you.

I think it noticed my being there
But I didn’t care
I liked being exposed, just as it was
Watching as it undressed itself before me

I am your moon,
And you, my sun
Witnessing your beauty as it buffs in splendor all day
Waiting on your surrender to fall into me at night

(This poem is a true testament to the connected-ness of not only our love for the beautiful people in our lives, but also the many layers that often accompany that love. It’s a poem that flows and vibes like it was always there…waiting to be read).

M.C. Davis

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