Standard Deviation


Often, we find ourselves in a type of crossroads, where,  if you’re lucky enough, one is able to see a distant light at the end of the proverbial tunnel dictating our next move. If anything, we’re given a free token to take the road most traveled. But, how can we be sure that the road most traveled is our best choice? How can we undoubtedly know that by choosing to go left, as oppose to choosing right, is in fact going to land us smack dab in the center of our hopes and dreams.

In my opinion, we will never know.

I don’t believe we’ll ever get through the noise of life until we not only realign our ears and close our mouths, but our minds–you know, the other 90%–to the layers that ultimately allow us to grow.  It is only when we’ve proven to ourselves that the crazy part of lives is in some ways more sane than our more respectable normal aspects…well, some say that everything is everything eh? There’s a type of closeness of everything that I feel on a daily basis.

There are plenty of deviants in the world and for the most part, we shun them off to the nearest crazy house in hopes that whatever trace they’ve left for us to deal with will be simply washed away. Well, I’m here to tell you that the deviants are the least of our problems.  The infamous line has been blurred some time ago and if you ask me, we’re all a few paychecks away from being that guy or gal you pass so aggressively on the streets.

M.C. Davis

4 thoughts on “Standard Deviation

  1. and your words ring so true.
    they have so much charge and weight in them.
    for many of us, we simply never get the real sum of this so called life and unfortunately because of it, become our own fallen demise.

    I get it and for that reason, I keep humility very close to me and heavily guarded.

    I’m back!!!! and you know I’ve missed reading you 😉

    I loved this. It had a lot of heart in it.

  2. I suppose you know I’d like this line of thinking. I wish to meditate on this and write a poem, or something inspired by this, if you don’t mind inspiring me????

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