In Time We’ll Get There


Lately, I’ve been inside of an euphoric dream.

For one, DC is seeing the dreamiest of weather patterns and everyone I’ve ran into has had that “glow” of summer-to-come-and-my-beach-body-is-already-there affect. I love the drama of the days that tend to linger about waiting for me to draw my curtains to take it all in.

Dupont Circle, which is my lovely backyard, is humping like two whales NOT in Seaworld. Yesterday Sammy and I walked about 5 miles to the nearest water bottle, which made him very happy. A few errands later and my home was like a showroom waiting to be walked through like the beginning of an IKEA day.

(and yes, most IKEA events involve no less than 8 hours of away time…)

In either case, this time of the year is the true reason I love the seasons that I’ve grown so accustomed to all the years. Some abhor change; others delight in its flavor. I,  on the other hand, embrace all layers of this beautiful woman who tend to have the world waiting for what she’s wearing next.

M.C. Davis


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