On Finding A Purpose

So, as it seems, I’m still on a journey.

I’ve also just realized that today is almost a year in DC and for a split second, I thought…

‘What have I done during my stint here so far?”

So, I’m in search of a “Why” for my “Hows” in life and if anything, I’m going in a broad direction because I’ve already realized that 1) obstacles are and will be at every angle, and 2) I’m not going to quit and lastly, 3) I have enough motivation to share with every one out there.

So, how does one find a purpose?

Does it start with an idea, a passion, or a system of figuring out that you’re invincible from all obstacles? Honestly, is there no difference between the people who rise to the top and the people who lazily enjoy themselves on the bottom? Where does happiness come into play and for once, can someone tell me how true happiness is measured when the world itself is filled with such angst and pain.

So, yes, my journey is amongst the journey of others. This is neither the beginning nor the end but rather, a perfect moment for me to change within myself the glory that has been given to me since birth.

M.C. Davis


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