The Act Of Turning The Lights On

There’s something truly special about the people that light up your life.

In fact, there’s something incredibly exciting about someone who shows you a different shade of your personality or better yet, and this might be a stretch, a worse side of yourself. A few nights ago, I was told something that even the smallest version of the poet inside of me never thought of. The conversation made me feel secure in my purpose and hopefully, in my gift to the world around me. It was not only succinct, clear, and desperately humbling to the touch, but also like a warmth that never leaves you.

“Mike, you enjoy the process of lighting up the individual lights in your friends.”

Now, I’ve been told a few things in my life but nothing hit me like that statement.  When I was younger, and the only child in the household, I found myself in the center of everything. This, of course, was whether I wanted to be in the center of things or not. In some ways, this is quite the advantage: never have to share toys, always being the cutest kid no matter whether you washed ytour hands or not, and even being able to do the worse things with only a quick smile for that “get out of jail free card”.

At any rate, I only want to thank you all for being such great people in my life. This blog, for what it’s worth. is perfectly designed to share with you my world…and if you haven’t gathered so far, it all revolves  around you.

M.C. Davis

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