The Best Of Times


Of late, I’ve been extremely lazy.

I mean, I’ve been so lazy that my couch–where I’ve been stationed for the past week–has officially put out an eviction notice. At times, especially when I realize the true extent of my laziness, I find myself quite angry but–as you can imagine–that quickly goes away while the more subtle “It’s okay, you’ve earned it” philosophy slowly creeps in. Even when I’ve made every effort to get up extra early to jump start all my forgotten errands, I’ve found myself quickly snuggled back on the couch with a remote control in one hand, and a bucket of some type of food in the other.

You only get one chance at this life right?

Well, today I will begin anew…and if anything, I’m checking myself into a Reality Check Hotel and living out the bear bones of being excited about my life and the things that make it strong and vibrant! I will start each day with a new flavor of what it means to truly live because these days are not guaranteed…

…well, maybe after I finish this bucket of Popeye’s.

M.C. Davis

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