Like I Need Another Hole In The Head


…well, to some folks, another hole in the head will improve some things.

The other day, as I trekked home on the Metro as usual, I found myself thinking about how fortunate some of us have to be able to see the absolute worse in others. I thought about the guy who simply sits on the curb and does nothing except to extend his hand for change…or perhaps the guy who plays Baroque music in Dupont Circle with his trumpet, with only a smile and a cool temperament for an encore. I also thought about the guys at the top of the scale who, for some strange reason, find it extremely difficult in living with millions of dollars but not in happiness.

The slight chance that we’re alive and kicking will always be a mystery, and for one moment in my own life, I would love to feel that spirit of being truly alive and kicking.

And yes, with another hole in my head.

Then, I wake up and realize that we’re all connected and the noise from the weak will always resemble the same noise from the strong.

M.C. Davis

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