Please Pass The Lysol…

…or at least a bit of cough syrup.


These last few days, I have been battling a slight cold of sorts, and even though this type of thing happens every year for me, the fact that most of the important people in my life are also sickly might mean more than a typical sniffle.

At work, for example, everyone is sick and yes, there is ample Lysol ready to tackle even the most sneaky of virus critters. I mean, we’re at the ready for anything that’s lurking and even at times, we’re even afraid to talk to one another.

But, that’s another story.

So, as I recover from this scene of events, take time out of your schedule–if you so dare have one–to go ahead and spray down the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and the loose items surrounding that cup of coffee that been sitting there for a week.

Well, maybe just a few days.

M.C. Davis

5 thoughts on “Please Pass The Lysol…

  1. But, but … its all the nasties about the room that help to train my immune system! Without them I’d be a goner! … honestly though, before I read your entry I had a different opinion about what the title meant 🙂 keep it clean!

  2. thank you for your visit the other day, you’ve been sick… I was wondering where amazing poetry went!! good advice to all, I’d add, if you have the flu, stay home! sharing is for toys and stories, not bugs and germs!! Get better soon!!!

  3. Ha, I’ve been sick too.

    Good advice about spraying stuff down, because I usually don’t think of those things, and am probably a contributor to the rapid spread of sicknesses–mild ones like a cold, of course 🙂

  4. In order for you to never get sick you must enter the world of public education – everything dies there!
    Dreams, sickness, poor behavior, good behavior, and occasionally, a VP.

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