Off For A Holiday!

…well, at least that’s what the Europeans are calling it.

Seattle or bust I say!!

And with a little more fervor, I would like to add that this trip is way overdue.

For one, it’s great to see awesome friends and if anything, it’ll be even greater to see how the other half of the world lives. Secondly,  and some would argue with my logic, this is more of a working vacation since I’m planning on helping my friends Jason and Bill fix up their home a bit–everyone needs a helping hand once in a while eh?

Of course, the drama of helping people nail sheet rock or lay tile can be a murderous invitation but in the company of good friends, all problems can be solved with a slight pour of the glass.

So, wish me luck as I relive my childhood with people who were neither there or understand it.

But love me all the more.

M.C. Davis


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