“I Love The Man I Used To Be

…because he was always reaching out to me.”

I heard this phrase the other day and it struck me to think about it.

Imagine yourself, seeing yourself ahead of yourself and actually, if you can imagine this, calling to yourself for advice but the self that’s ahead of you didn’t answer your call or even acknowledge your existence. You screamed for at least a whisper of what to expect, but nothing was heard. You grab loose items to throw and even enlist your friends to speak on your behalf but, as they say, to no avail.  Running seems to be useless and the night is finally closing its eyes.  As you gain an an ounce of momentum, you see the self ahead of you gain an even greater pound of momentum.

You finally breathe for the first time, then realize it’s no use.

Your eyes close and you finally give up.

(…Or do you?)

M.C. Davis


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