So When Does It Matter?

well, some would argue never.

The other day as I strolled into work via Metro, I suddenly realized something:

What if nothing mattered? What if the nature of our existence didn’t matter or for that matter, the nature of our deaths?

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I truly believe most of what I see, touch, love, and various other verbs, but for a split-second, I thought about the opposite of those things that make me question all the things I believe. In other words, I gave true thought to the things that I am not, in a desperate plea to understand intimately the things that I am.

So, as I continued to walk, I looked deeper into the trail I was leaving behind: imagining the impact I was making in the people I was passing; thinking of whether my thoughts were leading towards my goals, or away from them. In fact, and since I’m a firm believer in the ever-changing presence of the Now, I thought to myself whether it was possible to imagine myself in all three levels of existence at the same time: the past, present, and the future.

Well, some would argue that I am already.

All in all, I’ve learned from my walk that there are so many layers of self-awareness that we either leave behind for others to enjoy, or create entirely for ourselves to recreate again and again. Life, as I have learned in these 32 years, is simply about the creation of the Self into a more beautiful and enjoyable Self.

So, when does it matter?

All the time.

M.C. Davis


2 thoughts on “So When Does It Matter?

  1. I am certain you’ve impacted more people than you realize, if I were to take any indication from what you write. These ‘snapshots’ tell me you are quite an impacting person indeed!
    keep writing, it’s very powerful and rich in message without ‘preaching’. the world needs more of that! cindy

  2. Found you through Acoustic Rhythm and I can only say that sir..You seriously rock..Dig it, I’ll be back and consider yourself added to my roll..


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