Whoa Dude?

Of late, I have been kind of tired of the day in/day out routine of working, going to the gym, eating strange food, and yes, sleeping.

So, I’ve changed a major component in my life and before you gasp and say, ‘Say it ain’t so!”, let me explain, it came from a good place.

I got rid of my cable box.

Now, now, I know…it’s a tough thing to hear let alone admit but, as it were, I needed a change in my life and the cable box, in all due respect to Comcast, held me back a bit.

I would find myself coming home and instinctively turning on the box. I would also find myself transfixed on any “Marathon of the Week” show and unable to move during a CSI chase scene, or a Law &Order:SVU court room case.

And yes, I would wait for the commercials to take a pee break.

So, all in all, no joy on the “bringing me to my higher awareness” talk when it comes to watching the tube. Luckily for me, Comcast was able to downgrade my service from an astronomical amount of almost $90/month to a cool and calmer $15/month.

Maybe now I’ll find that time to get that book to the publisher.

M.C. Davis


One thought on “Whoa Dude?

  1. You’ll love it! I haven’t had cable TV in 14 years!

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