10 Things I’ve Learned About You In 2008

1. Our job as friends is not to make our friendship a job.

2. I do not need you to love me but instead, I’m drawn closer to you when you show your love without my expectations, wants, or desires.

3. There exists only one thing in life that connects me to you: our ability to choose for it to happen.

4. Speaking of choice, we are never disconnected. Our experiences have given us no choice in our acknowledgements of each other.

5.  If there’s ever a time to rediscover myself, I’ll start by discovering the things that I am not .

6. For many moments in our lives, we’ll be able to think about each other at the exact same time. 

7.  You have nothing or possess qualities that are not a grander part of who I am as well.

8.  Our friendship, in the most basic sense, started before we were able to even understand how to think or recognize who we really are.

9.  The last conversation we’ll ever have together will only come from love.

10.  You are truly my greatest gift.

M.C. Davis


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