So When Does It Matter?

well, some would argue never.

The other day as I strolled into work via Metro, I suddenly realized something:

What if nothing mattered? What if the nature of our existence didn’t matter or for that matter, the nature of our deaths?

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I truly believe most of what I see, touch, love, and various other verbs, but for a split-second, I thought about the opposite of those things that make me question all the things I believe. In other words, I gave true thought to the things that I am not, in a desperate plea to understand intimately the things that I am.

So, as I continued to walk, I looked deeper into the trail I was leaving behind: imagining the impact I was making in the people I was passing; thinking of whether my thoughts were leading towards my goals, or away from them. In fact, and since I’m a firm believer in the ever-changing presence of the Now, I thought to myself whether it was possible to imagine myself in all three levels of existence at the same time: the past, present, and the future.

Well, some would argue that I am already.

All in all, I’ve learned from my walk that there are so many layers of self-awareness that we either leave behind for others to enjoy, or create entirely for ourselves to recreate again and again. Life, as I have learned in these 32 years, is simply about the creation of the Self into a more beautiful and enjoyable Self.

So, when does it matter?

All the time.

M.C. Davis

Dear God

What if
I told you
I felt
when the dust
finally cleared,
or when
your words
suddenly became
own, or even
your steps
my own
or when
I’m thinking
about the
without you,
the one
time I walked
too quickly
for my own

What I mean
to say if
I ever
begin to overly
too much
about you,
quickly remind
me to
breathe and
tame the spirit
because it is
the thought
the thought
that truly

M.C. Davis

A New Chapter


Today began at 5am, where it was a steady cool breeze outside and of course, a few moments to reflect on the hours ahead. Today also began with friends waking up scrambling to make Mr. Time become friendlier; and the nature of our bodies to sleep just 15 more minutes less demanding. Today, as it were, began with solid thoughts of how we are suppose to live our lives, and how we are to govern ourselves in relationship to the other people that make us who we are.

Today, we inaugurated Barack Obama as our President with so much love and connection. At times, I was in disbelief, awe , and completely empowered in knowing that my life was about to change.

It has.

So, I’ll keep this post short and to-the-point because I truly want to savor the nature of our new government, our new relationships, and our new love that has suddenly become a higher awareness for who I am, or who I will choose to be.

M.C. Davis

A Nice Chill To The Day

So, it appears that the weather that I’ve lived through in Maine has finally made a comeback in DC.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the cold weather and even enjoy playing in it at times, but the wind, well, let me tell you, is quite the difference.

For one, it make the whole experience of enjoying the day to a point of being miserable. Walking against the cold wind, then wondering why the heck is Mickey D’s so important that you’re willing to walk to it in the blistering wind, makes you question your own sanity. And to boot, why isn’t anyone talking about global warning anymore? The record-low temps in NYC and of course, the -40 temps in MN has got to stir some feathers eh?

But, I digress.

My friends Chris and his wife Bree are coming down to DC today to crash on the pull-out. The Inauguration, which will most likely change the climate of this small city, is scheduled for Tuesday and with any luck, I’ll have the opportunity to take part in a few local festivities. Of course, Mr. Obama being my boss and all, I think I’m the luckiest citizen amongst the 4 to 5 millions people expected to come. In either case, I’m looking forward to it–not the wind and cold weather of course–but the glory of a new time in history, with a new social awareness of our country is by far the greatest joy of what’s to come. So, wish us luck as we figure out the best route to traverse in the sea of people on Tuesday, and if this blog goes dormant for a few weeks, just assume that my life ended in some mass riot on the Washington Mall.

Other than the usual, life is grand this time of year. Started GWU’s Project Management course and very much looking forward to the work. It’s such a small world that even a buddy of mine from Maine is in the online version of the class.

(Yeah, I gotta keep my nose clean now-a-days…)

Planning a trip to Seattle next month to visit a few friends and can’t wait to experience the crazy lives they live out there. Sometimes I wonder if I ever have to travel anywhere to experience any difference in whom I’ve become, but quickly I realize that there’s so much joy in seeing yourself scattered across the globe.

Yes, the mirror doesn’t break too often.

M.C. Davis

Whoa Dude?

Of late, I have been kind of tired of the day in/day out routine of working, going to the gym, eating strange food, and yes, sleeping.

So, I’ve changed a major component in my life and before you gasp and say, ‘Say it ain’t so!”, let me explain, it came from a good place.

I got rid of my cable box.

Now, now, I know…it’s a tough thing to hear let alone admit but, as it were, I needed a change in my life and the cable box, in all due respect to Comcast, held me back a bit.

I would find myself coming home and instinctively turning on the box. I would also find myself transfixed on any “Marathon of the Week” show and unable to move during a CSI chase scene, or a Law &Order:SVU court room case.

And yes, I would wait for the commercials to take a pee break.

So, all in all, no joy on the “bringing me to my higher awareness” talk when it comes to watching the tube. Luckily for me, Comcast was able to downgrade my service from an astronomical amount of almost $90/month to a cool and calmer $15/month.

Maybe now I’ll find that time to get that book to the publisher.

M.C. Davis

Throwing Dimes

If I
had a dime
for each
time you
of love,
and the moments
of intimacy
cornered so
in between
our sheets,
I would
be half-way
to stardom.

If I
had a
dime for each
time you
woke me up
your kisses
and smooth
of memories
that dance
without frailties,
I would
be ten times
size of Mr. Gates.

What I
mean to say
is that
what you give
is far worth
the measure
of the time
I’m here,
and a million
dimes times
are simply
to the nature
of how
you impress

M.C. Davis

10 Things I’ve Learned About You In 2008

1. Our job as friends is not to make our friendship a job.

2. I do not need you to love me but instead, I’m drawn closer to you when you show your love without my expectations, wants, or desires.

3. There exists only one thing in life that connects me to you: our ability to choose for it to happen.

4. Speaking of choice, we are never disconnected. Our experiences have given us no choice in our acknowledgements of each other.

5.  If there’s ever a time to rediscover myself, I’ll start by discovering the things that I am not .

6. For many moments in our lives, we’ll be able to think about each other at the exact same time. 

7.  You have nothing or possess qualities that are not a grander part of who I am as well.

8.  Our friendship, in the most basic sense, started before we were able to even understand how to think or recognize who we really are.

9.  The last conversation we’ll ever have together will only come from love.

10.  You are truly my greatest gift.

M.C. Davis