I Guess I Missed The Bus On This One

Some would argue not so much.

This Facebook thing has swept me into a frenzy of reconnections. For one, people I graduated high school with are suddenly texting me like the years of separation were only minutes from one Metro stop to another. People I thought hated me (or vice versa) for some adolescent “who’s cooler than me” reason are now asking me how life is and when can they visit. Others, by far stretch my gut into laughter when I hear about their lives and how the plight of self discovery and self absorption all of a sudden have become one in the same for them.

Some things never change.

I would have to say that the biggest joy is the simple fact that no one truly ever leaves anyone else. Our deepest experiences will continually draw us back and forth and into each other’s memories likes the waves that shape the moon. Of course, even the bad memories and experiences sneak through but it’s all in the same right?

Facebook, for what I have learned so far is an outstanding process that shows how intrinsically close the world is and that if anything, be careful who you do, what you say, how you think, or what you wear because the world is watching and very closely I might add.

It’s called Facebook.

M.C. Davis


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