Five Aspects Of Holding Your Breathe

So, I’ve learned a few things in the last few days.

1. Don’t do anything that you don’t want Twittered, Facebooked, MySpaced, or double-checked by the FBI. Unless you think it’ll help you get a spot on the "Most Outrageous Stupid People Doing Stupid Things  On Video" award.

2. Don’t let your fantasies become reality too quickly because in that small opportunity, you might revert back to being who you really are. Which…isn’t always a back thing.

3.  Let yourself find yourself once in a while. In this, we learn how the lessons of the old become the lessons of the new. They are, if anything, one in the same right?

4.  Work when you are dead and live while you are alive. Heck, the real work begins when you agree that it has to.

5.  Adopt a person in your life whose sole responsibility is to keep you from falling, lying yourself, and pretending to be someone you’re not.

Now that we are closing out this year and beginning the new year, I’m inspired to keep the pace of ‘good tidings and goodwill to men’ and if anything, prove to the world that it doesn’t have to be Christmas to create the joy that the commercialism around Christmas attempts to produce every year.

Happy New Year folks and don’t be afraid to ask yourself, "What next?"

M.C. Davis

I Guess I Missed The Bus On This One

Some would argue not so much.

This Facebook thing has swept me into a frenzy of reconnections. For one, people I graduated high school with are suddenly texting me like the years of separation were only minutes from one Metro stop to another. People I thought hated me (or vice versa) for some adolescent “who’s cooler than me” reason are now asking me how life is and when can they visit. Others, by far stretch my gut into laughter when I hear about their lives and how the plight of self discovery and self absorption all of a sudden have become one in the same for them.

Some things never change.

I would have to say that the biggest joy is the simple fact that no one truly ever leaves anyone else. Our deepest experiences will continually draw us back and forth and into each other’s memories likes the waves that shape the moon. Of course, even the bad memories and experiences sneak through but it’s all in the same right?

Facebook, for what I have learned so far is an outstanding process that shows how intrinsically close the world is and that if anything, be careful who you do, what you say, how you think, or what you wear because the world is watching and very closely I might add.

It’s called Facebook.

M.C. Davis

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

…well, perhaps not so much.

Actually, just spent an awesome time in Portland with my friends, who by way, keep me sane and full of the grit that makes life rough to the edges. Of course, Christmas was felt in some far away remote-controlled way, and the noise of the streets made my past memories of Portland peek back into my stride as I walked down Congress to Coffee by Design for a White Chocolate Mocha…and yes, did I mention that the air in Portland is still sweet?


Met up with Nick and wow! What a sight he was to see. He’s the type of guy you can chat with all day and without one glance at the clock or how many cups of  coffee you’ve had. We managed to squeeze in some time to chat before his trip back home and if anything, I’m glad we did. Our conversation made my day (and ultimate complete trip) because it showed me that there is true power in friendships that stand the test of time and distance. Our chat revealed the connected-ness of it all. It felt good and I look forward to the next time.

Overall, a great trip with only a few hiccups along the way. I spent hours sleeping, eating really bad food, and staying up until the wee hours scanning infomercials.

Yeah, that’s the way life should be right?

M.C. Davis


If I stared at
would you
follow my every
or tell me
to play notes
Old Man Dizzy,
or last year
when we
walked to the moon
and you
sweet somethings
that made me swirl.

If I gazed through
you, would
you find my hands
yours, or at least
find solace
in the fact that
two peas
deserve only one
pod, like
the time
we spoke in French
and the world
fell silent.

And if
I walked next
to you, would
you slow your pace
so I could dance
around you, or
make me
fall deeper
in love with you
by only
showing me
what I’ve already

And lastly,
if I sang
to you, would you
join in harmony
and make a joyful
noise like
they do in the Bible,
and if
our days lingered,
I’m sure
you’d find
next to
waiting for
your next

M.C. Davis