A Living Case Of Mistaken Identity

Neale Donald Walsch, who wrote Conversations With God, once said in a recent blog that:

"Consciousness is not something you learn, but it is something you grow into, and there are certain things you can do to trigger or enhance the process."

How, if anything, does a thing reach within itself for the understanding of both a higher consciousness and an acute awareness of how to enhance that process?

His answer was simple to me:

"Start by helping others acquire their higher consciousness. The rest will happen on its own."

I know for most of my life, I’ve been asleep at the wheel–or as in my friend Russ’ analysis, "hazed, foggy,  and on a type of auto pilot version of living". Most of us never realize how much we miss from our own innate ability to understand the "self" as a part of who we really are. In fact, and in my own personal experiences, I’ve learned that some of my choices have been disastrous for me while other decisions, remarkably have positively propelled me to no end of joy and bliss.

So, did I just grow into myself over these 32 years or have I somehow educated myself in who I have become?

It wasn’t until now in life that I’ve realized that either direction is perfect, in its true relation to who I am or whom I choose to be. For I am both directions: the up and the down, and right and the left, and the right and the wrong. For they all encompass the choices that I have available to me.

It’s the eternal understanding of Now   that I’m feeling and it’s this feeling that will give me back to myself.

M.C. Davis


One thought on “A Living Case Of Mistaken Identity

  1. We think a lot alike… perhaps these things aren’t as individualistic as individual timing…
    you write your thoughts out well, clear and concise.
    watch my blog the next couple of days, I will put up “Step Off Self”, an older poem, I think you may appreciate the metaphors, but right now I’m off to work. I’ll do my best to get it up tonight.

    again, I appreciate your thought.

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