Are We Truth Takers or Givers?

In some respects, both.

For example, as we trek through life with our own version of the “Truth” in tow, we forget at times that the very important “Truth” we hold so dearly could actually become a “non-Truth” due to subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) realizations of others factors that prove to us whether a thing is actually the “Truth” or not the “Truth”; whether a thing actually gives us our highest thought or doesn’t.

Now, when I say “Truth” I only mean to make a point of what is truly important to us as individuals and what effect we play within the grander spectrum of who we really are, or who we choose to become. In other words, the “Truth” for me, will differ greatly from the likes of you,or perhaps anyone else I choose to throw into the pot. My only point merely centers around the noise that oftentimes crowds our judgment and may, but not always intentionally, provide us a sense of “false hope” that we potentially could inhale as the “Truth”. In most of the things we find in society and in our personalities, we are given the choice to decide between one or the other and in the most sincerest way, we are taught that there is a right or a wrong choice and if anything, one should always choose the right answer over the wrong one.

But, what if all the answers are neither one or the other? Does God even care either way?

M.C. Davis


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