Gobble! Gobble!

Well, it’s that time again and as the world braces for all of its New Year’s resolutions to be tested during this Thanksgiving, I too join that wonderful crowd.

(as I sip on hazelnut creamer with a little bit of coffee, and a box of Cruller donuts I’ve eyed for the past few months)

So, despite being the best time of year to finally test out those stomach muscles, I have found that it’s a much better (and sometimes easier) time to test out the bond of your friendships, and the people who truly make you feel like you’re the greatest friend on this wonderful dirt mound we call Earth.

So, thanks for allowing me to share in the complete world you’ve created for yourself, and for the likes of people like me to leech off of you for the rest of your life.

(and yes, the feeling is mutual…)

M.C. Davis


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