This, That, and The Other!

Oh, my!
Let’s dance
and in between
and if you’re
up for the game,
let’s pretend
we didn’t just do that
so that
we can relive the
moment over and over
like the
time you remembered
look when you
said you
couldn’t live without
my smile;
or the time
you convinced me that
the world
does involve me;
or perhaps the
time where
our dance
led the way
for the
moon and the
sun to follow.

Oh, my!
I’m on cloud
nine with you
and our moment
of this, that, and
the other thing
will end
up making us
of that thing
called love.

M.C. Davis


One thought on “This, That, and The Other!

  1. this is fabulous… great flow

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