10 Things That I Know, And 10 Things That I Don’t Know

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…at least in the most simple sense.

1. I know the now and the ever-present joy of the now as the Truth, and above all, the relationship of the ever-present now as a constant changing presence. I do not know the faces of tomorrow, or the remembrances of the past.

2. I know that I must seek a newness of remembering myself as my highest thought. I do not know the many lives I’ve lived, or the fact that I was once a King and a Queen and at times, both at the same time.

3. I know that I am a creative being–and forever will be–and in knowing so, you are a creative being in the same way. I do not know that I must take umbrage in the notion of time and space, for they only exist because I have known them as such and this notion, as I have learned, will change and I do.

4. I know that I am a critical thinker, and must think around the simple layers that govern my decisions, thoughts, and feelings. I do not know the exact opposite of this process; at least not now .

5. I know that my life equates to both the here , and the there . I do not know the tendency of the string that dangles in between those two principles, or the chaos that infuses in between the first sin and the first thought.

6. I know that my face is the face of everyone around me. I do not know the face of what I am suppose to be, or who I am suppose to remember.

7. I know that the ever-present now keeps me in the same spectrum as God. I do not know my connection to God’s expectations because I am still not allowing God to speak first.

8. I know that my body is simply a vessel for my soul and mind. I do not know the hunger my soul yearns in its own progressive search for the experience in understanding its true self.

9. I know that I am not alone. I do not know how many surround me, or carry me from this point to the next, nor the truest character from which I am thought of in relation to who I really am.

10. Finally, I know that my words are the least truthful aspect of my highest power, and my search for myself will one day reach closure from where it all started. I do not know when that moment will happen, or if I will return to inspire you to experience the same.

M.C. Davis


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