12 On…12 Off

So, I’m officially tired.

And to boot, my body aches in places I thought only existed in my mind.

And yes, it’s Monday and the day has started at 3am with yet, another cold morning of hailing a taxi after not being able to run care-free to work due to my serious lack of planning and coordination.

(And I even bought some new running gear with all the tidbits of an actual track star…)

So yes, I’m officially tired and I’m about to head to bed (for some serious King-style sleep) but I thought the world, if I may presume so much, might want to know my intentions this evening; if anything, I’ll dream about blogging and twittering and the other loose items we’re supposed to be doing throughout the day.

So, until next time.

And hopefully with more ZZZs under my belt. Wakey wakey at 3am.

This time with my running gear sewn into my skin.

M.C. Davis


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