32 Minutes

As it is, I spend much time on the DC metro. Whether I’m stalking someone or trying to save money in gas costs, the Metro has completely changed the way I view city travel; and of course, the loose stops in between. In essence, I’m on a new high and the days of driving for

hours for fun might just be over. When I was a younger man without too much struggle on the brain, I used to drive for hours and even at times, I’ve taken the Greyhound bus across the country–which, if you didn’t know–takes a certain type of person to do that amazing feat over and over again.

At any rate, today as I sped home from the gym (via the Metro of course), I thought of the many times I’ve loved and lost the loved ones within my life; either for ill decisions or poor alignment. I thought of the people I’ve intentionally (and unintentionally at times) forgotten, and the past loves of those who have forgotten me for whatever reason. In most respects, my Metro ride, despite the noise of the train’s engines, and the city’s ever-pressing stretch into my mind, I’ve found the most solitude on the Metro for the 32 minutes I spend embraced in her arms.

And yes, even those hasty days of being lustful show up in true form. My mind wanders inside and through the clothing lines of strangers, and in between the breaths and whispers of the people quietly talking in front of me. My eyes shoot and drive home the need to truly see the meaning behind what’s truly there…

There are so many options in life, and who’s to say that the world has many left? I know for me, I feel completely at ease as I trek on the Metro for my 32 minutes, and stare into what I’m learning as a newer and fiercer version of myself.

Ipod and all.

M.C. Davis


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