Yes We Did!

Who would have thought that in my lifetime I would come to a day where I can see my face within the White House?  Who would have thought that within my own social scene, I would be able to fully grasp the idea of hope , change , and loyalty to my country and the very fine details that make up my involvement. Who would have thought that the world have to hold its breath in a deep silence to await a long and desperate journey for change through the vision of one man.


Yes, we did!

History was made last night, and as millions of people across the globe surrounded their radios, televisions, computer screens, and each other, the Presidential election of the good Senator from Illinois has undoubtedly change the face of our country for years to come. No more cronyism or loyalty to the immoral aspects of government. No more showmanship to protect the American people from the truth that we already know. No more closed-door meetings that protect no one or gain anything for anyone else. No more acceptance of political ignorance, or the fact that within the Presidency, the American people must not tolerate a President who lies, cheats, and belittles the very nature of the Office. Now, we have a President who will listen and fully grasp the connection that draws people together in a unique and prosperous way. Now we have a President who will inspire others to become just as he is. Now we have a President who will ensure that the world grows within each of us and not only within himself. Now, we have a President who will empower the world to become change agents for themselves, their country, and the families that keep us aware of the world’s tough decisions.


In my vote, I believe I consciously connected to those numbers that drew his successful election to the White House. In my vote, I changed the world’s view of the United States and forever more will I walk proud and strong in knowing that my vote does matter now.

So, yes we did.

And you know what? We’re going to keep doing it.

M.C. Davis


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