I Suppose I Should Speak Up

Yesterday, I spent time at work and after a much long discussion of the election process, I’ve come to several conclusions about my experiences with regards to the election process and how my vote, for what it’s worth, counts and impacts the overall process.

First, my vote does count.  The only question is who is doing the counting. In most respects, I’ve always been a cool follower of the fact that whenever one feels the need to fight for a cause, it makes the most sense to take it to the streets. In this case, I’m conflicted because on one hand, I’m for the progressiveness of what Obama is undertaking, but even in the dawn of the election, I am still unfamiliar with some of the simple aspects of his candidacy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely fall into a deep coma with the Maverick situated in the Big House so my intentions are by far merited towards Obama. However, in a strange mechanical way, I’m drawn to Obama in very much the same way I am drawn to anything that is built on one simple principle:


So, let the day begin when most argue that faith hasn’t etched its way in a home or a situation where it is the only delimter that exists to make a grand decision. I know for one, it takes a real understanding of oneself to enable a trigger point of such quality to make that kind of a decision. The next President of the United States will undoubetly find himself in between two very hard stones which may prove very difficult to move.

Tomorrow I’m attending my first Election Party with several other students and professors alike, and by far it will prove that my vote, even if I only attend this gathering of sorts, counts more than ever.  I do think, if Obama makes it to the Big House, I’ll start posting some pictures within my blog. With a more progressive approach to the future, I’m most certain that I’ll find myself more expressive in what I see in the world around me.

M.C. Davis


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