Small Steps

So, I’m sitting on the couch in my usual position of intense and almost irrefutable laziness, and all of a sudden, my neck and back feel like two toothpicks fighting for a seat at a Laker’s game!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had many “crooks” in my neck over these fun and exciting 32 years, but this one has taken me to that place where I question my own existence. I mean, I feel like my neck has ran a few marathons, and before it has had the chance to rest, it’s force-fed into a blender and quietly mocked from outside its plastic and metal prison. So, Motrin and I have become best of friends and for once in my life, I am reminded of how valuable it is to take care of your body, because somewhere in the mess of things, your body will take care of you.

(or something like that…)

Other than that, I missed the Army 10-miler this year, even though I signed up with tons of enthusiam. Even walking around the Expo center to pick up my packet and running supplies–including a $130 pair of new shoes–I felt good and excited about the run. However, the CPO process had taken a toll on my training program and for once in my life, I didn’t feel ready to compete in a race that truly would’ve proven seriously how to torment a body that’s not ready for 10 miles of running. So, I slept in until around 10am and as my hefty reward, I got a serious crook in my neck and remained in race denial for the rest of the day. I know God works in mysterious ways but man, he could have left just a tad bit of mystery in my current physical condition.

So, the next step is obviously a new race, with a new training regimen and of course, a new attitude about prioritizing the most important things I need to do to keep myself in shape for any dilemma or schedule change.

My buddy Matt and I hung out this week and had a blast. He’s probably the coolest guy I’ve come across in the military and at times, I forget we’re situated right smack dab in it.  He’s crazy smart and humble at the same time and gives me a new meaning of friendship each time we hang. Of course, the fact that he used to work for me in Brunswick for 3 years doesn’t help either…in either case, I hope we hang as much as need to.

That’s it for now. Quick week off and finally got into the guts of the bathroom–which I hate by the way–and cleaned, cleaned, and yes, did some more cleaning. I even cooked dinner which is quite rare for me to do.

I suppose these hard economic times are causing more than one habit to change.

M.C. Davis


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