Of Late

Of late, I am finding myself staring at the mirror and wondering how time could have fooled me for so long. I mean, there were so many choices that I could have made, and countless people I could have not trusted but for some reason, I am here and very happy with how my life has turned out.

Of late, I find myself dancing in between the notes, and the glare from the sun slowly reminds me of why the days tend to linger at times. I mean, it shouldn’t it be grand to take umbrage in a good daydream and only think of the things that make us fall asleep without the worries of the day?

Of late, the characters in my life intermingle like found souls and if anything, it makes me happy to find the word juxtaposition a wonderful choice in describing the relationship between my friends and family.

There are moments where even a whisper of sadness draws me away from the day. This is usually when I find myself the strongest, most giving, and most able to tackle even the most brutal of choices.

M.C. Davis

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