So, What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

The other day on the Metro, I suddenly realized that the world, in how we’re learning to adjust to its inner workings, is drastically changing who we’ve become. The concept of globalization solidifies my point.

Just a few years ago, I spent some time on the small island of Curaçao and while I was there enjoying the scene, I met a local guy–well, he wasn’t local local but he was visiting from Zurich–in either case, very cool guy and being that I was leaving the next day, I felt the need to take as many risks in getting to know as much of the island as humanly possible. Heck, this was before 9/11 and the thought of being held hostage with threats of butchery didn’t cross anyone’s mind.

My hotel roomie at the time kind of freaked out because in most cases of traveling on Uncle Sam’s dime, you’re paired up with another guy (or gal) so that safety , for what it’s worth, is kept close to the brain. After we landed, I quickly vanished from sight in search of a book title and if anyone knows me, I don’t sit still when there’s pots of cultural gold to be had.

Again, I took a risk.

Long story longer, we had a local fish soup-style dinner and some serious sea stories about our lives and the components that made up our lives. It was incredible getting to know a complete stranger in such cool circumstances. The other day, and fast forward about 9 years, I was watching a show on Curaçao  and without any haste, the memories came back in a flood. So, being the techy-guy I am, I googled his name.

Google can’t be wrong eh?

10 seconds and over a few million hits later, I emailed his work account in Zurich and within the next day, he reminded of how closely connected the world is.  So, what do I want to be when I grow up?

I want to be connected.

I want my inclusion in the world to be just as significant as the President of the United States. I want my name to be just as qualified as Senator Barack Obama’s on a Time’s Square Ticker. I want my existence to be not of the human living or human working category, but of the human being category. I think it’s important that we don’t make issues of the non-issues and to love the things that make us different and competitive. These are the things that create happiness and joy for me and have propelled me clearly ahead of my own expectations.

So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

M.C. Davis

Of Late

Of late, I am finding myself staring at the mirror and wondering how time could have fooled me for so long. I mean, there were so many choices that I could have made, and countless people I could have not trusted but for some reason, I am here and very happy with how my life has turned out.

Of late, I find myself dancing in between the notes, and the glare from the sun slowly reminds me of why the days tend to linger at times. I mean, it shouldn’t it be grand to take umbrage in a good daydream and only think of the things that make us fall asleep without the worries of the day?

Of late, the characters in my life intermingle like found souls and if anything, it makes me happy to find the word juxtaposition a wonderful choice in describing the relationship between my friends and family.

There are moments where even a whisper of sadness draws me away from the day. This is usually when I find myself the strongest, most giving, and most able to tackle even the most brutal of choices.

M.C. Davis