As of late, I have found myself staring into the mirror for extended periods of time.

The round and charasmatic shape of my face, slowly dancing with age, is becoming centered and poised for the hurdles and obstacles ahead. The transparency of my skin is finding itself layered, and in between the former world and the new one. The lines and cracks in my skin resemble the Nile, in so much as how her outer banks have caressed the delicate curvature of our souls for centuries. My eyes grow weary from the world and the desperate need for sleep, peace, solitude, and of course, love, is felt with only a sliver of a glance.

My body is synergistic and constantly feels compelled to make do with the world, and the things in it. I am 2+2=6 and even without the clock ticking, I represent the eccentricity and the much needed chaos that has existed in order for simplicity to take center stage.

I am here and without a disclaimer. Like the wind, I am poetry mixed in between the words that live on to affect the global change that is always needed.

I am synergy.

M.C. Davis


One thought on “Synergy

  1. and so you manifest and make yourself full, larger than any irrelevance not needed.
    chaos&simplicity are so needed as a blend of odds&ends~
    at least that’s what i think~

    a beautiful masterpiece you lay before me,
    thank you~

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