The Other Side?

…well,  the other side isn’t always the greatest place to be.

At least in some cases, an interesting aspect of any collective thinking is the fact that when summoned, even the harshest and more course aspects of life can be truly bearable and even, well, let’s say enjoyable. ‘Lemons’, for what they are worth, will always arrive to your doorstep in many flavors, but it is up to the individual to add his or her own unique flavor to make the situation better. In fact, a lemon situation will inheritably always be a lemon situation  and depending on which way the wind blows will ultimately determine how you advance forward.

You know, like those forward thinkers in the world?

By all means, and please don’t misinterpret my understanding of ‘enjoyable’.

Places like Hades, or that place they call a ‘Green Zone’ or even a conversation with Aunt Tilda can present several layers of collateral damage. There’s no escape and even the savviest and most adept thinkers will fall victim to the lure of a situation being ‘enjoyable’. The simple answer is that some situations are just plain difficult and there is no way to make those sour lemons taste better, no matter how much sugar you add.

However comma

I would say that the majority of those lemon situations can become sweeter situations  when you assume your  due power over those situations. Reluctantly we often find ourselves giving up a part of who we are for the sake of getting over a certain obstacle or hurdle. For some, it’s a mind game we have to play with ourselves. For others, it’s a struggle that will live with them even beyond the grave.

Get it back. In fact, demand it back.

My good friend Dana once said to me, “Mike, own it. If you believe it, then own it.”

I only add one more comment to that: Own it without sacrificing yourself in the process.

So, take those lemons and squash them to death. Even if you can’t make lemonade from the millions of lemons surrounding you, simply dismiss them as if they don’t exist.
M.C. Davis


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