The Other Half Of Things

Today I am writing this from Vancouver, British Columbia and in shock of “how the other half lives“.

For one, I thought I was always the “other half“, but when you sneak a peek into reality TV, you suddenly find yourself in a position of no authority or atlas to deem anything you touch the “other half”.

So, quietly last night, as I walked into the 18th floor of downtown high-rise condo filled with sweet smelling Thai food, glass windows that snugly embrace you, and a crowd of folks that did have to know your name to call you family, I found myself in open arms without any choice. The view was spectacular and the scenery in and out of the condo was amazing. It didn’t take long to realize how much humility to have in possessing such great friends scattered all across the globe.

Yes, this is the real other half.

See, and I’ve expressed this more often than none, I’m the luckiest guy on Earth. I have a great family who ultimately have no choice but to love me. I have friends who have to put up with my analysis of our friendship through my own bipolar lens. And to boot, I have a great job where I get to hang out with a crew of intelligent people that aren’t afraid to laugh at each other. Coming to visit my friends out here in Vancouver has only solidified the fact that you don’t have to have a house in the middle of the city, a fat wallet, or a job in the White House to make your life feel a tinge of grace or respect from the great things around you. Already, and I have only been here for one day, I have found the beginnings of a new and incredible family that will undoubtedly change the face my own future.

Yes, I know how the other half lives now.

Just like me.

M.C. Davis


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