Metro Ride

Zoom! Zoom!
Blast! Blast!
The hum of
oil inside of
pistons inside of
gears, and I’m tickled
because my day
just started Metro-style,
like the time
we flew uphill
and in between
damp trees.

Hiss! Hiss!
Jam! Jam!
The smell of conversation,
Blues, and paper cards
fill up the air
like hot-air balloons,
and I’m hyped because
my walk is tall
and my ears are perked
like Sammy-dog
on a good day.

Blam! Blam!
Plot! Plot!
This Metro ride
is hot and sexy,
and the air resonates
like an A string
or a slow dance
with the one
that beats your heart.

Yes, this Metro ride
beats applying
to Harvard Law,
and I’m stoked
because in
between the noise,
an orchestra quietly
nudges Beethoven
for a final movement.

M.C. Davis


One thought on “Metro Ride

  1. This is good stuff. I love how you take an every day experience and accentuate all the things about it that people take for granted. It reminds me of riding the Metro in DC. It also reminds me of a movie, Dancer in the Dark, about a lady who finds music in every day things, although it’s a sad movie, so be forewarned!

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