We Spoke About This Type Of Thing Before Eh?

…or, was that you?

So, this week of sorts has been quite exhilarating for me. I’m working MIDS (which is by far the most productive shift for me) and the days are not as heat intensive as before and like I mentioned a few posts ago, I am happy to be in a creative and wonderful city with an equal creative population surrounding me.

My runs are getting better. Now, instead of taking the Metro after work like a weak and miserable misfit, I am running back and to be honest, I don’t know why I didn’t do it before. For one, it saves on an already liberal Metro pass fee and feeling I get when I get home is unexplainable.

I wonder if they can bottle a runner’s high?

The job is not only becoming a family of the coolest people, but the “techy” stuff is loosing its grip around my “I don’t know” stage. It’s incredible and I’m learning so much about myself and the dynamic of what it takes to be a Superstar amongst other Superstars. Also, I’ve decided to find my Portland West and after a careful review of the after school programs in the area, I think I may have found the most awesome programs with some of the best solutions to learning I’ve witnessed in a while.  So, wish me luck as I once again add one more item to my hectic schedule.

I’m also applying to George Washington University for a Master’s in Project Management. This revelation, if you want to call it that, is much needed right now. Everyday I feel a few brain cells leaving my body like little Martians on tiny space ships and if you know anything about the Martians, then you should know that in some ways, they’re useful to our existence.

Please don’t ask me to explain that.

The neighborhood is what it is and my friend, who I thought was the coolest Joe ever, fell through on me. We had a slight falling out and for once in my life, I walked away with my wits and the love for myself intact. For once, I realized that there are some things that we sign up for in life and dutifully, like those soldiers we all love to hate, we follow to the ends of the Earth. Then, there are those other things that we neither sign up for or desire in our lives and the impact, in how we view ourselves, sometimes far exceed our willingness to accept those consequences of our choices. So, a towel was thrown and it didn’t land nicely.

So, yes, we did speak about this type of thing before, and it hurts me to live in such a wonderful world and even think about neglecting the beauty or joy in it.

It’s just not me.

M.C. Davis


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