As The World Turns…

well, perhaps not so much.

Of late, I can only say that the adjustment to my crazy schedule is becoming more centered. The pace, which undoubtedly will keep me sane, is coming around to greet me with open arms.  My run to work is even paying off since I’m already registered for the Army 10-miler in October and the Maine Marathon a couple weeks prior.

Yeah, I know.

My friendships, or new friendships I should say, are coming along very nicely thanks to Sammy and his charm. The weather, for what it’s worth in this cultural equation, hasn’t kept me from going outside and the nights are almost unbelievably cool to the touch.

So, yeah, happy days are making their rounds.

And, cue the dramatic pause…I’ve decided to not pursue a Ph.D program but rather,  to seek out another Master’s program. My life is already crazy enough so why add fuel to the fire. I’ve applied to George Washington University’s Project Management graduate program. Short of a few recommendations, I think the process should be very easy to complete. So, wish me luck as I add more chaos to my easy living schedule.

Troy and my mom made the visit to DC and of course, with all the joy a best friend and a mom can bring. We walked all across the city and for my best efforts, I saved the shortest walk–about 3 miles I’m sure–for last. My mom, who knows this about me, will probably not forgive me for a while for making her walk all that distance. And to boot, it was probably 1000 degrees outside!

Oh well, some say I broke the mold.

All in all, it’s been a beautiful life and the day to day stuff that doesn’t get posted is just that, day to day stuff that doesn’t get posted.

For those who know me, I’m sure you know why.

M.C. Davis


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