So, There I Was…


Sitting there minding my own business and it came to me like a swift but careful kick to the junk.

I’m lucky.

For one, I have awesome friends. I have friends that take care of me when I don’t even need it and of course, I’m fortunate enough to have friends who would help me move, paint, or destroy loads of sheet rock at a moment’s notice. I even have friends who are much smarter, richer, and cooler than I could ever be. In fact, those fine individuals are some of my most sought after goals in life.

So to speak.

In either case, I wanted to shoot out a “shout out” to the people who have guided, persuaded, and dragged me off the couch to make a better life for myself. It’s not only great to be among great people, but when those same people share their greatness with you without hesistation or resistance, it become something completely different.

So, yeah, I’m lucky all right and without one shamrock to show for it.

M.C. Davis


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