It’s Hot Like Cat Shit!

…and since I’ve never felt the heat of cat shit, I can only assume it’s hot and not friendly.

So, DC is quite the city of late: hot, hot, and yep, you guessed it, hot.

The average day lingers around 100 degrees and the pace of leaving the house to the metro is deliberate and non forceful. I was supposed to be in Maine this past weekend to spend time with my man Kyle who’s getting married but you know how it is…when you get your hopes up, there is a dutiful element of a shoe dropping somewhere in the midst. Between my work schedule and the prices of airline tickets, there was just no budging on either end of the financial stick.

So, I stuck it out in the DC heat.

In the meantime, my car was officially broken into a few days ago and to be honest, I’m not too angry about it. Albeit, nothing was destroyed except the window and most of the loose papers inside the vehicle were simply that, loose papers. I suppose the days of leaving the keys in the car overnight or leaving the car running while I grab some chips and a soda from Cumby’s are over.

Yeah, I’d say so.

Thank goodness for insurance and that wonderful thing called a car alarm that I’ll have to invest in soon.

Also, I met a really cool guy this week while walking Mr.  Sammy Snackbag. He was walking his well behaved daughter-dog Cecelia who, by the way, loves Sammy and vice versa. So, a new connection with a dog owner and a cool personality in tow, a new guy in DC couldn’t ask for anything more. He reminds me of how friendship should start: unfiltered, approachable, and full of laughs.

So, I think we’ll kick it for a while to come.

Work has also come into a solid play schedule. I’ve finally made it into my team and on a descent schedule, which means I can have a social life that isn’t dependent on a random order of events that only puts me into a “day-to-day” approach. It’s nice to have a job since most of this time I’ve been sitting at the “new guy desk” chipping away at the novel that will become the death of me,

All in all, pretty quiet week. Bikram was quite different this week since the heat has made the experience on the inside quite controversial in deciding to go to class.  It actually felt cool when I left and it was only later that I found out that outside was 98 degrees with a 103 heat index.

Yeah, I’m crazy. I left the heat to go into more heat, then 90 minutes later, I emerged back into the same heat I left 90 minutes prior.

So, that’s it. DC is still hot and fortunately for me, not hot enough for me to fall out of love with it.

M.C. Davis


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