Well, last night was a life changing moment for me and for once in my life, I questioned every second of what I was doing with my life, and the complete and total existence of why things just plain happen. And to boot, I did it all in a sweaty-filled room with nothing but my draws on surrounded by other women and men with little clothing. Also, and to make this event even more spectacular, there wasn’t any sexual tension or embarrassment from either gender and every so often, the blower that spewed out the immense hot heat would be turned up by a guy who had a voice that could lull a T-Rex to sleep.

I experienced Bikram Yoga.

At first, this was kind of a scary choice for me to do since my own fitness level, at least from my enjoyment, is fairly fit and ready for the next marathon, or two. So, choosing a yoga class of this nature by far exceeded what I expected from the class and myself.  For some of you out there who just happen to not know what Bikram Yoga is, let me detail my own personal process in the most succinct and concise manner possible.

Drink, listen, breathe, and stretch.

It’s by far the most relaxing event I’ve ever experienced (from a mental and physical connection) but at the same time, it’s the scariest side of yourself that perhaps you’d like to see. There were times where I would lose focus to find that “happy place” that only people read about in grad school or when the instructor would talk, I felt like he was breathing right into my ear slowing etching my moves into his moves and his air movements into my own air movements. I would focus away from the clock–damn clock–and for moments at a time, even though the session was 90 minutes long, time would linger one moment, then shift into upper drive at other moments. It was surreal and pleasant but nerve wrecking and tortuous from anything you’ve ever believed about the condition of the human body and the power of your mind.

And this was only the first day, I have 6 more days to go.

So, I’ve decided to cancel my gym membership to devote the $60 a month to Bikram Yoga. The gym, for all its worth in gold, present a slight cultural challenge that Bikram has an abundance of.

Complete growth.

M.C. Davis


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