It’s All Coming Together


(don’t ya just love the idea of starting out a blog with a slight word like “so”? Kind of makes one think of “What’s next or “Geez, what the hell Mike!” or even “Okay, okay I give up”).

But, I digress.

I’ve finally organized the closets (with neat little IKEA boxes), the kitchen items that almost resembles a true kitchen, and the miscellaneous items that have become small bombs of clutter throughout the house. It actually felt like I’ve worked a full 12-hour day’s work, even though a quick run of the house was all it took to make it spiffy clean.

Which leads me to think: as I gain more wisdom in youthful age, will even the most simplest of to-do lists become as legendary as a full day’s load?

When I was younger, I would spend hours organizing the chaos around my small room, but the organization aspect was the only job being accomplished. In other words, I only organized the chaos; not actually solving all the problems that created the chaos in the first place. I only later learned that this slight reality check of sorts doesn’t just simply depart the stage after the shown ends. It quietly lurks in between the curtains waiting for the people who actually read the movie credits to notice it. It was this understanding that led me down the road to expressing my feelings through writing, hip-hop, and probably the most important expression, quality friends.

So, I taught myself to have a healthy respect for chaos and not to take its presence for granite at any given time. It comes and goes, but mostly it goes because in my life, it’s finally coming together to where I’ve started to solve all the problems that have created the chaos in my life.

This is the coolest part because I have no reason to question anything anymore.

Not even chaos. My dear dear friend.

M.C. Davis


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