Apples On The Side Please

Last night I had dinner with a friend who lives in Clarendon, VA. Clarendon is an offshoot from the beltway and Metro lifestyle and a very convenient location for dining and the such. We had Mexican at Mexicali Blues and despite the chilly side of dining outside, we laughed and carried on like high schoolers in the midst of prom season. It was fun catching up and it felt real to laugh out loud. Robbie, who is a hoot in his own right, made the evening a blast.

However, the conversation that took center stage wasn’t between us, but rather the waiter.

So, without further adieu:

MD: Yes, let’s try the white Sangria.
Waiter: Oh, there is a new regulation that doesn’t allow us to serve Sangria.
MD: Really?
Waiter: Yeah, the liquor laws prevent a fermented alcoholic drink to be served so if we served it, we would have to serve all the ingredients on the side. We put a little Tequila in our Sangria.
MD: So, the tequila would be on the side, the wine would be on the side, and the apples would be on the side?
Waiter: Yeah.
MD: That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. How about the Mojito?
Waiter: Yeah, coming right up.

So, that was my evening at Mexicali Blues. Robbie and I joked about that event for most of the night.

Sometimes you have to question the very things that make up why rules are invented, embellished, and yes, abandoned.

M.C. Davis


One thought on “Apples On The Side Please

  1. dude, ok,
    its official!!!
    i’m completely hooked;)
    you definitely got an amazing gift of storytelling.
    love your wordplay~

    great read!!

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