En Vie

I tend to think outside the box every now and then but for the past week, which has come so swiftly, I am in awe at how much time has already seized the days. I wake up and then almost in an instant I am moving and joining the flow of things that either surround me or captivate me.

It’s a mad mad world young man.

So, this week was filled with a new job, a new crew of zany co-workers, a new walking path for Sammy, and of course, a new hat to wear. I’ve also managed to square away my daily schedule by opening up a new appointment book with all the important dates heavily sketched within the pages.

And you thought a Blackberry was enough.

I’ve also started working out at the super trendy Washing Sports Club but to my surprise, it’s a adventure working out there. The staff–perhaps dutifully so–are outrageaous and the crowd of eager worker bee gym rats are not there exploding on the bench press or stretching their vocal chords to match their arms. It’s solid energy and I love the fact that the space for the equipment is just right. So, I think the Washington Sports Club and I will definitely get along during my stint here in DC.

Last week when I was home, it felt good to breathe the Maine air. It also felt good to see and hang with my friends and of course, take part in sharing in such a cool spirit. I spoke with Dad the day I graduated and if anything, his voice made me realize why I started down this path of bettering myself. It wasn’t his superior guidance that convinced me of my “worth” but more or less his determination to keep what perhaps died many years ago alive. I plan to see him within the next few weeks because we are long overdue.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty quiet week. Work isn’t as scary as it may seem and the days don’t fly by too quickly that I can’t snap one up if I so desire.

I hope this will never change. Of course, hope sometimes can be a four-letter word.

M.C. Davis


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