I Gots Me Sum Edumacation Now Daddy!!

Well, this Saturday will be an eventful day for me. After many hours and days in a mess of research papers, article reading, and theorizing over leadership roles and principals, I have finally been authenticated, validated, and essentially made to live up to the jazzy talk I’ve learned to do so well in these short 31 years of life.

I’m going to graduate with my Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, which essentially gets me no where in life unless I can speak, work, and empower organizations and the people in them like the best of ’em.

You know, Drucker and those guys you only read about but never get the chance to have lunch or take a long way through Manhattan on solid cool days.

Oh well, I suppose it’s okay to admire from afar.

In either case, I’m looking forward to this event for many reasons actually:

I get a chance to see the people in Maine that truly matter in my life

I get a chance to see the “other” people who I didn’t get to formally say good-bye to before I left

I get a chance to sleep in my own bed.

So, yes, an eventful week-end full of awesome friends, and a home that symbolizes not only why I love my life and the people in it, but a home that takes you in and quickly makes you a part of the family whether you like it or not.

M.C. Davis


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