The City Is Alive!

Yesterday, Sammy and I had a day to ourselves. It was an absolutely beautiful day with tons of people scattered in and about Dupont Circle. The energy I had only read about, I felt in an up close and personal moment, which if anything, proved true as to why this city was meant for people like me.  My new neighbors are a blast and I met a few more last night. It’s nice to have such an eclectic group of people so close by because when it’s time to lose your mind, you’ll be right at home.

Last night a few of us went out to have some DIK (I’ll explain later) and of course, the night was grand with a cool breeze, great conversation, and yes, some wine to splice everything up into nice manageable pieces. All in all, it was a great night and I enjoyed the company that will soon become my family.

Margaritas anyone?

And yes, Sammy took to the streets and made his way to the crotches of many people during the day hours. I even had a woman wanting to walk him around the circle but Sammy, in his most snobbiest of ways, wasn’t having it. He gave me that, “Save me Dad” look so I grabbed his leash and without too much discomfort.

I’m sure he felt relieved.

Speaking of the Circle, one of the main reasons Dupont appealed to me in the first place was its diverse crowd of folks who make the Circle their home, their work, and their lifestyle. There is just so much creativity in the people that it oftens feels like overload that perhaps only a few people can truly appreciate. Of course, I’m a kid in a candy store so don’t ask me anything…yet.

So, my bout with allergies and the chaos of pollen has come to an end. It was a tough battle but luckily I came out on top. After some upkeep around the house by keeping the windows closed and ensuring my pill popping adventures are on point, I am now waking up with no issues and less Adventures of Sneezing as my read for the day. In either way, it’s good to be at a point where my life isn’t dictated by my ability to breathe through my nose or mouth.

Next Monday will be my first day of work and to be honest, I feel like it’ll be the first day of school. I’m looking forward to the adventures of how the Navy operates in DC and of course, the Joint aspects of working with other folks. So, my last week of freedom…

I do miss Maine though and can’t wait to go home this week. At least there I’ll see the people who matter the most, feel the most connected, and of course, love the most.

M.C. Davis


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