What I Feel

What I Feel

I feel like
a moment is
due, and my
only thought is
to enjoy your space,
where we
lay inside one another,
to the nearest
end and flowing
like a stream that bothers
no one.

I feel like
writing poetry on
your skin and slowly
taking the
marker and highlighting
metaphors and semicolons
around your
favorite places,
This is where you
and I share a
common language
and in between
our words,
we find time to laugh,
and spill our moments on the
table like milk
in the hurried fortitude
of the morning time.

I feel like we
should make
moves to the sun,
and watch the Earth
from a
fiery hill
so that we’ll enjoy
the only glimpse
of the sun
shaping the world into
much smaller pieces.

We will learn
to dance
into what will become
our next
step towards
love. This is
where you will
feel what I feel
and we will feel
together like
the wind and Earth
playing and
making a day
out of a glorious sun.

M.C. Davis


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