It’s All Coming Together


(don’t ya just love the idea of starting out a blog with a slight word like “so”? Kind of makes one think of “What’s next or “Geez, what the hell Mike!” or even “Okay, okay I give up”).

But, I digress.

I’ve finally organized the closets (with neat little IKEA boxes), the kitchen items that almost resembles a true kitchen, and the miscellaneous items that have become small bombs of clutter throughout the house. It actually felt like I’ve worked a full 12-hour day’s work, even though a quick run of the house was all it took to make it spiffy clean.

Which leads me to think: as I gain more wisdom in youthful age, will even the most simplest of to-do lists become as legendary as a full day’s load?

When I was younger, I would spend hours organizing the chaos around my small room, but the organization aspect was the only job being accomplished. In other words, I only organized the chaos; not actually solving all the problems that created the chaos in the first place. I only later learned that this slight reality check of sorts doesn’t just simply depart the stage after the shown ends. It quietly lurks in between the curtains waiting for the people who actually read the movie credits to notice it. It was this understanding that led me down the road to expressing my feelings through writing, hip-hop, and probably the most important expression, quality friends.

So, I taught myself to have a healthy respect for chaos and not to take its presence for granite at any given time. It comes and goes, but mostly it goes because in my life, it’s finally coming together to where I’ve started to solve all the problems that have created the chaos in my life.

This is the coolest part because I have no reason to question anything anymore.

Not even chaos. My dear dear friend.

M.C. Davis

Apples On The Side Please

Last night I had dinner with a friend who lives in Clarendon, VA. Clarendon is an offshoot from the beltway and Metro lifestyle and a very convenient location for dining and the such. We had Mexican at Mexicali Blues and despite the chilly side of dining outside, we laughed and carried on like high schoolers in the midst of prom season. It was fun catching up and it felt real to laugh out loud. Robbie, who is a hoot in his own right, made the evening a blast.

However, the conversation that took center stage wasn’t between us, but rather the waiter.

So, without further adieu:

MD: Yes, let’s try the white Sangria.
Waiter: Oh, there is a new regulation that doesn’t allow us to serve Sangria.
MD: Really?
Waiter: Yeah, the liquor laws prevent a fermented alcoholic drink to be served so if we served it, we would have to serve all the ingredients on the side. We put a little Tequila in our Sangria.
MD: So, the tequila would be on the side, the wine would be on the side, and the apples would be on the side?
Waiter: Yeah.
MD: That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. How about the Mojito?
Waiter: Yeah, coming right up.

So, that was my evening at Mexicali Blues. Robbie and I joked about that event for most of the night.

Sometimes you have to question the very things that make up why rules are invented, embellished, and yes, abandoned.

M.C. Davis

En Vie

I tend to think outside the box every now and then but for the past week, which has come so swiftly, I am in awe at how much time has already seized the days. I wake up and then almost in an instant I am moving and joining the flow of things that either surround me or captivate me.

It’s a mad mad world young man.

So, this week was filled with a new job, a new crew of zany co-workers, a new walking path for Sammy, and of course, a new hat to wear. I’ve also managed to square away my daily schedule by opening up a new appointment book with all the important dates heavily sketched within the pages.

And you thought a Blackberry was enough.

I’ve also started working out at the super trendy Washing Sports Club but to my surprise, it’s a adventure working out there. The staff–perhaps dutifully so–are outrageaous and the crowd of eager worker bee gym rats are not there exploding on the bench press or stretching their vocal chords to match their arms. It’s solid energy and I love the fact that the space for the equipment is just right. So, I think the Washington Sports Club and I will definitely get along during my stint here in DC.

Last week when I was home, it felt good to breathe the Maine air. It also felt good to see and hang with my friends and of course, take part in sharing in such a cool spirit. I spoke with Dad the day I graduated and if anything, his voice made me realize why I started down this path of bettering myself. It wasn’t his superior guidance that convinced me of my “worth” but more or less his determination to keep what perhaps died many years ago alive. I plan to see him within the next few weeks because we are long overdue.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty quiet week. Work isn’t as scary as it may seem and the days don’t fly by too quickly that I can’t snap one up if I so desire.

I hope this will never change. Of course, hope sometimes can be a four-letter word.

M.C. Davis

I Gots Me Sum Edumacation Now Daddy!!

Well, this Saturday will be an eventful day for me. After many hours and days in a mess of research papers, article reading, and theorizing over leadership roles and principals, I have finally been authenticated, validated, and essentially made to live up to the jazzy talk I’ve learned to do so well in these short 31 years of life.

I’m going to graduate with my Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, which essentially gets me no where in life unless I can speak, work, and empower organizations and the people in them like the best of ’em.

You know, Drucker and those guys you only read about but never get the chance to have lunch or take a long way through Manhattan on solid cool days.

Oh well, I suppose it’s okay to admire from afar.

In either case, I’m looking forward to this event for many reasons actually:

I get a chance to see the people in Maine that truly matter in my life

I get a chance to see the “other” people who I didn’t get to formally say good-bye to before I left

I get a chance to sleep in my own bed.

So, yes, an eventful week-end full of awesome friends, and a home that symbolizes not only why I love my life and the people in it, but a home that takes you in and quickly makes you a part of the family whether you like it or not.

M.C. Davis

Speaking Of Dupont…

…well, someone has to talk about it.

There seems to always be a menagerie of people scattered throughout it’s corners

(although most circles don’t technically have corners so Dupont Circle may be the first!)

In either case, whether you are lounging in the grass with Fido or eating an high-priced metro salad on your lunch break, there is always a spectacle of freaks waiting to be discovered.

For one, there is the Vibrato Singing Man who wears headphones and sings at the top of his lungs to whoever dares to listen. He’s probably mid-40’s and probably in need of a few sprays of cologne, alongside of a few drops of water with a smidgen of soap. In either case, whenever he comes to the Circle singing, I smile from ear to ear–well, for those who know me, a little more “ear to ear” than usual–but he comes and sings to the public and to date, I’ve only seen one person (who was on a seemingly important phone call) who shoo’ed him away. He sang and sang while she shoo’ed and shoo’ed. Finally, after much internal debate I’m sure, he departed then fell back into his click of homeless men sitting back row on the Dupont outer layer benches.

Yes, there are two layers to the Circle: an inner layer and an outer layer.

If I had it in me, I could start a whole new blog with pictures, videos, and personal testimonies of the many freaky people that come to the Circle. The best part of this tried and true experiment of people scattering around the Circle is that it’s a Mecca for all types, and the creativity that comes from the Circle because of it is almost indescribable. I love the Circle for this purpose because I know that when I arrive, I will not leave the same person. It’s a nicety that I think doesn’t change as time itself finds a new home. It’s a place that takes in its weak and frail to blend into what we have learn to understand as a community. It’s a place that forms a bond with its tourists and immediately makes them feel like they work, live, and breathe down the street. It’s more than a Circle with stones, water, and cement. It’s a social community that speaks true from the depths of what I’ve only experienced in the streets of Portland, Maine.

Yeah, a community of freaks.

But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. And plus, there’s a Krispy Kreme down the way so why complain about anything when you can indulge in a hell-ish donut like no other.

Ok, a few donuts but who the heck is counting?

M.C. Davis

The Price Of Freedom

The Price of Freedom

Yes, someone once
said that life
imitates art or
something along
the lines of what doesn’t
kill us will only
make us think
twice the next time.

Yes, I’m here
and ready for the
world but
standby to standby
since daylight
only opens its eyes
twice, and for
freedom’s sake,
let’s make love
in between the moon
and the sun
but quietly and softly
like the wind. Who
says that sticks and stones
don’t indeed
break bones?

Yes, the price
of freedom is high,
just ask the King
or the words of Giovanni
or those Afros that
tattered up the streets
of Harlem during the Hayday.
I’m determined
to make a living
writing poetry
and singing alongside
those blind boys
and keeping the jones
in my bones and to
not forget
how and why
I got here.

M.C. Davis