Oh, Is That Your Storage Container?

Today…well, let me say that the word today is always a subjective word to use but for what it’s worth, I’ll keep it simple and without too much flagrancy to my words to descriptive tones. In my old age, I’ve learned that disclaimers come in handy especially when you are about to say or do something f****ed up.

Did I just type that?

So yes, I broke down. I gave into the demands of the city and with much struggle and gnashing of the teeth, I broke down the layers of my dignity, pride, and yes, my self-worth as a human being. I even had a moment of silence but to no avail. Sammy couldn’t help even though he tried desperately with his wagging tail, chew toys, and the “feed me now dammit!” puppy dog look that only puppy dogs can give.

I paid for a storage unit.

So, before you drop that dish–or that child–understand that my hands were tied and ultimately, and I mean ultimately, I had no choice. There was just too much stuff in between the corners of the condo and despite my internal conflict with making lemonade from those damn lemons, the need to make room in between the tools, Sammy’s toys, and the crazy new life won the battle.

So, after I submitted my fingerprints–yes, fingerprints–and filled out a mortgage-style application, I was led down a long, dark, and mechanical corridor of storage units that had me looking back every few feet wishing I’d keep some bread crumbs from my earlier lunch. Good thing there was a radio playing or else I would have had to start texting my friends to keep the phone handy.

Let’s just say that DC is a long way from Portland.

However, there is an upside to this tragic story: the storage unit, which is quite big for the price,  is of course, free for the first month and only $8 to start. So, I think for a month or so, I’ll have essentially free storage and less clutter in the condo.

I also spent time at IKEA today.

(I’ll maintain a separate post for that experience)

All together, it’s been a successful experience from Portland to DC. People are getting to be more like my friends in Portland, and slowly I am learning that this city has room for a guy like me.

M.C. Davis


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