Like The Time I Was In Home Depot

…well, a man has to dream doesn’t he?

When I was younger–well, you know, a few years ago–I used to walk around in the Home Depot with a “Mike the Handy Man” on the brain. I mean, I would walk into the front door and feel like God had given me a direct order to rebuild everything in the world and I could start in any section of the store. With a swipe of my hand, the “thing” would become a built item and the world, for what it’s worth, would be safer because I had it built.

What God didn’t know is that many moons ago, the devil and I made a deal that forced me to trade in my handy-man skills for the gift of gab.  Hey, I thought it was a fair trade then.

For the past week or so, I, along with two of the greatest people I’ve had the pleasure of breaking a kitchen into smaller pieces, spent many hours learning how valuable friendship really is through cabinet dust, cryptic installation instructions, and of course, a few emotional breakdowns . The saying is that your “true friends help you move” is very true but I would have to say that men that break sheetrock together, should by default break bread together–well, a few cracks of the beercan can’t help either.

Long hours turned into longer days but in the end, we built a home that is a marvel to look at it. So, a huge thanks to Troy and Bruce who made a home an even greater asset, a future.

In the middle of all of this, DC and I have this ongoing feud with its pollen machine that tourists love to digest each and every year. Yes, the pollen count in DC is by far the most hated part of the city for me, as it causes me to shut down into a tiny humanoid cocoon  which causes my phone voice to sound like I’ve been on crack for a few days. At any rate, dealing with the allergies–which left me alone while I was in Maine–have ambushed me with a swiftness so stand by for a quiet battle to ensue as my stint in DC becomes more of a lifestyle.

Troy and I spent some time last night enjoying a much needed break from the norm of dust, cabinets, and water lines before his early departure this morning. We walked to a nearby restaurant and had a cool and collected dinner as it rained outside. The restaurant was busy and brought in most of what made up the population of DC. Some people feverishly ran into the restaurant out of desperation from the downpour but the vibe from the kitchen to the wait staff was evident and it felt so good to just sit, talk, and eat.

LaRoyce and Cody made a surprise appearance late last night and of course, on CP time. So, around midnight later, we had dessert as they dove into a huge meal coupled with a few Long Island Ice Teas. It was so late in the evening and Troy and I had just put on the last coat of paint a few hours prior but the fact that both Cody (from Maine) and LaRoyce (Southern Maryland) made the trek made everything just tie in.

This is why I love my friends and is why exactly why a man needs only a few friends like Cody and LaRoyce to make sense of this world. I am extremely grateful for what they provide me and I will die trying to match their love for me in my own love for them.

So, fights with allergies, Home Depot dreams, DC traffic of people and cars, awesome friendships, and of course many missed phone calls and emails to return.  Long week you ask? Yeah, I’d say so.

Thank God life gets  better each day.

M.C. Davis


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