All My Best To Texas

….well, when in Rome right?

My flight leaving Austin today was a little hectic. First of all, let me start by saying that just because you might live a few minutes away from the airport doesn’t always mean that you will arrive in the same amount of time each and every time. Who knew that on a Friday afternoon there would be bumper-to-bumper traffic and yes, an accident that perhaps would have caused further delay but my last conversation with TomTom ended fairly well so he, out of the kindness of his heart, led me around the disaster area in order the make the flight on time.

Keep your enemies closer right?

And yes, I didn’t have enough gas in the rental car so not only was I extremely late for my flight, but I will have to stop the vehicle to put gas in the car. I started the make a dash towards the airport sans gas and with one of those attitudes that involved a part of the finger anatomy but I thought of the $1,000,000 a gallon surcharge I would get if I returned the vehicle with only a half a tank.

So, I stopped then filled her up and quickly got back on the road. At any rate, lesson learned from this episode: don’t get caught on the couch with a bag of Cheetos and cheese dip when you really need to be at the gym working on a routine.

So, all in all, my trip to visit my buddy Cheston in the Austin area went very well. I don’t think his approach to life is, nor will ever be, in line with my own but I will do best to keep him tethered to what we have as friends. Despite our different viewpoints, he’s a true friend who I know God has put in my life for a reason that I will never question.

Good friends don’t come with instructions and if they did, I don’t think I would follow them anyway.

So, all my best to Texas and its dusty roads, Cowboys, and off-beat lifestyle. Can’t say I’ll miss the long drives across the interstate or the traffic that seems to come out of nowhere. Then again, I think I also came out of nowhere…

M.C. Davis


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