What Else Does It Take?

…well, the day isn’t over yet.

I started my Austin adventures yesterday on the couch and without much desire to leave the couch. In fact, I feel asleep a number of times, played with an otherwise “get outta my face” cat, then decided to become extra creative by scrambling some eggs, adding organic cheese, coupled with a few slices of perfectly toasted…yep, you guessed it, toast.

Naturally, the next step after that ordeal was a nap.

I later woke up to perhaps the only thing that captivated my attention during my awake morning. There was an Ax Men marathon and if you’ve ever thought that the days of Paul Bunyon were long gone, then quickly grab your reading glasses and think twice about that recipe. It was truly stunning to see these guys take on the endless hours of hard labor, Mother Nature’s fury, and the personalities that go into bringing a 2×4 to the very squeaky clean halls of Home Depot. Watching the show made me think twice whenever I have the urge to call an Ax Men a lumberjack. They are far from it…

So, when Ches came home, we went to the most luxurious Chinese buffet I’ve ever experienced. Spotty clean and with his zany stories of losing brain cells in the Army, it was a swell night.

So, what else does it take to have a great day?

Just a good friend who can make you laugh when you really need it.

M.C. Davis


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