Austin Greets Me!

Today, I am spending my day canvassing coffee shops and scattering my thoughts in between dusty highways, steel buildings, and the endless craze of student chatter, noisy streets, and of course, the pure Texas flare of “How Ya’ll Doing?” So far, Austin has proven itself like a newborn child would: hopeful, delicate, and temperamental.

Actually, my day started last night during one of my many fights with TomTom. You see, when TomTom and I start to bicker, it never makes any sense to make amends. He and I have a mutual, almost sexual understanding of each other and I for one will never give in to his persuasive nature but last night, especially last night, I felt the need to step it up and prove that no matter where I am or how dark it is, human logic and sense of direction will always prevail.

Once again, I was wrong.

Long story longer…finding my buddy Cheston’s house was like praying to a rock in hopes that the rock will cure your Cancer. Not only was it late in the night, but the roads were under some serious construction that only proved worse as the dust from the dirt covered what was left of a visible sign of life. As I drove, the lights on the car pushed harder and harder to make themselves known to the very interrupted night. Again, after a quiet fight, I lost and conceded to the fact that this time TomTom won and gained a throne.

So, after arriving to Ches’ house, we hung out all night literally talking and catching up. I think the bedtime was supposed to be a little eariler for Ches since his departure  was an anticipated 3am, but at 2am, we finally called it quits.

Yeah, I felt bad for him but then again, I’m the only child and shouldn’t possess such qualities as caring for anyone else except myself–well, that’s what I’ve been told at least.

So, the next morning began with a quiet waking and an even quieter perspective of the area I was in. Yes, daylight happens to save many of us from unfortunate events.  Austin, in most ways, has already presented a cool and collected college-town approach with tons of people, activities, and good solid energy.

I am definitely looking forward to the next few days of exploring this Texan culture that everyone seems to rave about.

M.C. Davis


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