Boy How Much We’ve Grown

Yesterday was the last day of this crazy class dealing with packet analysis and the such. So, it’s time to take some time off and make up for the last year where I’ve only vacationed with a syllabus on the brain.

85 South…here I come.

My buddy back home just had a baby–well, let me start from the beginning. My buddy Dave met Heather a few years ago and decided to make a go at her.  They went back and forth for a while but later decided to make a go at each other but by that time,  she had already created two bundles of joy for the world. So, the baby they just had, little Harlan, will make their first child together but their third child in the house. In either case, little Harlan, little William, and Miss Katarina are all happy as kittens and spending the weekend with them was just what the doctored ordered. It felt good on many fronts actually:

1. Dave is literally the only guy who I can just BS with without any pretense
2. Heather, his wife, also go back to the hills and can BS like the rest of ’em
3. The kids are by far the craziest kids I’ve come into contact with and if anything, Dave deserve them!

Again, a great weekend with great friends. Only in the South does a visitor feel like family from the moment he or she walks into the door.  On another note, it was great to connect with Dave to discuss some of the issues I’ve had with Matt and the gang. With his marriage to Heather, and God bless the both of them,  I don’t feel very confident that the harm is over yet. I’m sure they will achieve the dreams but what is truly uncertain is at what cost will it take for them to get to those places.

So, all in all, another visit to see the ‘ol homestead with a few more changes in the queue.

M.C. Davis


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